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Building community

With hopes to connect with like-minded people and bring more structure to my art practice, I started hosting weekly art, co-working and gaming streams on Twitch, a live-streaming service with a small but vibrant art community.

Live-streaming has offered me a unique opportunity to merge my love for drawing, my drive to learn new skills and my desire to build community all in one. I'm grateful to all the wonderful people who have supported this project and continue to show up to this silly corner of the internet.

Community projects

Something I wanted to prioritize when starting my twitch channel was to work on community projects where folks had some level of input on the final result.  For our first project, I hand-lettered the usernames of the first 100 people to follow the channel.  People had a say on the color and overall style of their design.  Go to Lettering & Logos to learn more about other stream projects.

Having fun in chat

A really fun part of being a Twitch Affiliate is being able to design your own community badges and emotes. These bring so much color and personality to the chat and help folks feel a part of the community. Here are a few examples of the subscriber badges and emotes I've designed for stream.

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